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What JobDNA has to offer?

JobDNA is an innovative system that facilitates the process of recruitment through candidate selection, interviewing, on-boarding and training records management efficiently and effectively for individuals, businesses in a new and innovative structure and methodology. represents the most significant change to recruiting for 20 years

Q: What is the difference to what is currently offered?

A: All systems are bulletin board style requiring candidates to find a position and apply. JobDNA .me matches skills, qualification and industry exposure to a position request and notifies potential candidates.

Q: What other services are offered in the model?

A: services are modular and complementary including the mobility of individual profiles across the suite of services.

Value Add consolidates the functions of recruiting and employing competent staff driving efficiencies and savings. is an international platform utilizing smart devices and technology ensuring all participants have access 24/7.

System generated CV or resume utilizes the unique string defining skills, knowledge, work experience and training.The system enables users to generate a CV or resume in real-time and export the CV or resume from the system via a smart device based on todays information.

Recruit globally employ locally was conceived to address an existing need offering real improvements to the recruiting process. The founder of has experience is several disparate industries in a variety of roles. Having worked in the private and public sectors across different roles it obvious that there are deficiencies in the recruiting process.
Over several years the concept and design was formulated and specific elements tested as a real product. Anecdotal information identifies that the vast majority of people seeking employment through online job boards are dissatisfied with the process due to the effort required o apply and the lack of response and in many cases believe the position did not exist in the first place. The founders experience supports the claims in addition to populating more than a dozen data bases with no response.
Analytics and metrics are the latest innovation in talent attraction however most system use key searches to sort candidates from a Resume or CV. Experience is that if the individual is not capable of creating a CV or resume that provides the recruiter with standout words or active verbs. This is not an expectable method as workloads increase and time lines compress a system is needed that presents the best possible candidates enabling recruiters to short list with confidence that most of the job criteria is satisfied. is a global system using known and understood system and the more than 2 billion smart devices to connect people and employers and have the individual own the profile ‘whole of life’ through all the iterative process of work, skills development and experience.

Purpose built system is the next evolution in recruiting, onboarding and training records management. offers job seekers access to positions with application on-the-fly from smart device or PC. offers employers access to a pool of international candidates who satisfy position criteria as the first step reducing a number of HR actions and the process time line. is innovative in structure and concept by utilizing known information classification list in a way that defines the string.
The string is structured to represent the work experience, skills, training and licensing and to other elements to creating a unique individual profile. The employer organization also has a string and utilize the system to advertised a position, post a position and receive application ranked by compliance with the position requirements. streamlines the recruitment process from weeks to days while concurrently reducing the number of applications and increasing the number of candidates. With induvial profiles being portable information management, control and security is managed at the description of the user and able to move with the individual through employment and experience.

As simple as a change to the process

Almost all jobs are posted on bulletin boards for applicants to find and apply. This generates a plethora of applications of which many are irrelevant. Often hundreds of application are managed with a few considered and one successful. reverses the process by SMS’ing candidates who have the skills, knowledge and experience to satisfy the employers criteria significantly reducing application, reducing compatibility risk and the time invested in the process for both candidates and employers. works for job seekers and employers simplifying the recruitment process with complementary and symbiotic services seamlessly integrated.

Every one is different is designed to impact several elements of the recruitment process covering advertising and application, interviewing, onboarding and training records management. There is no system offering these services concurrently and able to produce the services invested in the system. The concept includes the feature of individual string following function where the string is portable across the suite of services.
By way of example where a finite project is actioned the business can utilize the Training Records Management System (TRMS) to design the training matrix for the project and import the employees string to populate the TRMS and define a skills gap or currency issue. This feature on its own taps into a un-serviced and costly industry component. is unique and by design offers a new way to recruit, manage and retain skilled people that is the first real change in 20 years since job advertising migrated from print media to online bulleting boards.