What JobDNA achieves?

The essence of JobDNA is to save the time of both recruiters and job seekers, to provide an environment that is loved by both and a platform that helps them in longterm!

Time Saver: Saves time by automating the process of notifying the job seekers for compatible jobs. Also notifies the recruiter for potential candidates automatically using data mining techniques.

Direct communication and interaction: System keeps both the job seeker and recruiter in direct interaction via chat and video call service throughout the process of hiring, onboarding and recruiting.

A unique string of JobDNA code is generated that identifies the skills and attributes of job seekers enabling employers to find the right job fit every time.

Redefining, what a job portal can do!

With unique set of features and automation techniques, JobDNA makes it easy to get started!

Up-to-date CVs

The features and services in JobDNA revolve all around the employer and job seekers. Whenever a job seeker is recruited or leaves the job at certain position, system automatically updates their CV providing up to date resumes to employers.

Purpose built

Almost all jobs are posted on bulletin boards for applicants to find and apply. This generates a plethora of applications of which many are irrelevant.

Global engagement

JobDNA is intended to be a global system using known and understood system and the more than 2 billion smart devices to connect people and employers and have the individual own the profile ‘whole of life’ through all the iterative process of work, skills development and experience.

Simplistic & new approach

JobDNA deploys a classifications systems developed and refined over 20 years covering 96% of occupations. JobDNA is a new approach to rapid, targeted and defined identification of job candidates